Furies (in progress)


Furies is the working title of a novel-in-progress. I suppose it could be categorized as a fantasy, quasi-steampunk, mystery tale, set in a nineteenth-century alternate Earth timeline, where women are the dominant gender over much of Europe and the colonies of the Western Hemisphere, This is the result of the migration of the Black Sea peoples prior to the Flood, a salvation for the burgeoning scientific and agricultural society that developed there. The culture is extrapolated from the early Greek.

The concept for the gender issues in the work is based on Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex (1949). In her perspective, gender was a social construction; she denied essentialism. To her, the dominant role (in this case, males) projects a mirror image of itself onto society, or, more specifically, on the collective consciousness of the culture. Females, as the Other, are thus invested with all the negative or despised qualities that the dominant denies in itself. To De Beauvoir, this extended beyond gender to all power relationships, including social, political, and racial.

The work attempts to explore cultures where dominance is reversed. Despised are the strengths of the Other: anger, aggression, greed, and pride. Centuries of conditioning on the positive values of nurturing, sensitivity, sacrifice, and a communal culture have benefited the collective consciousness, but maintaining such a culture has its liabilities, too.

Chapters will appear at the discretion of the Muse.

thanks, & satori


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