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This first brew of 2015 continues the development of an amber lager that is distinctive, mellow, and offers an alternative to the loud and sometimes arrogant¬†¬† IPA’s of late. For this expression, I’ve moved away from the European yeast and simplified the grain bill to focus on a more American style. It will also be the first run that will be kegged rather than bottled. thx…

Amber Orc targets — Infusion Mash: rests @ 131, 152, 168—SpG:1.065 — Bitterness: 50 — GU:BU: 0.77

Grain Bill—–

60% Two row barley; 15%Wheat; 10% Briess Crystal 60L; 9% Cane sugar; 3% Chocolate Wheat; 3% Flaked barley.


White Labs California Lager WLP840


US Magnum (12.3 %AA): 0.25 FWH; 0.5 (60m)

Willamette (4.7 %AA): 0.5 (30m); 0.5 (10m); 1.0 (5m); 1.0 (strike).

Citra ( ): Dry hop


O.G. 1.067. Currently in first fermentation.