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Brewing date: 11 August, 2013

This is an expression of an Oktoberfest lager that relies on First Wort (FW) and All-Late hopping for its bitterness. Dark grains and Hallertau hops were added to the last decoction. The remainder were added as flavor or aroma hops. This decoction method is known as the Hochkutrz double decoction mash.

Target SpG,: 1.060  Target Bitterness: 25


40% Pilsner malt; 40% Two-row malt;20% Munich Dark malt;20% Vienna malt;8% Crystal 10L malt; 8% Caramunich malt;4% Flaked barley

Mash style: Hochkrutz Double Decoction Mash

Mash in light malts @ 80 deg. for 20 m. Infuse to 131 deg. for 15m. Pull 13% thick mash for decoction. Raise decoction to 152 degrees over 20m, then raise to boil for 10m. Added specialty malts to base mash. Remix decoction 1 to raise base mash to 154 degrees for 45m.Add first wort Hallertaur hops. Pull 33% thin mash for mash-out. Boil for 10m


Hallertau whole: 0.6 oz. to mash out; Liberty: 0.25 oz. boil-over; Hallertau whole: 0.6 oz. 30 m; Liberty:  0.25 oz. 20 m; Hallertau whole: 0.5 oz. 5m; Liberty: 0.5 oz. 0 m; Hallertau whole: 1.0 0m

Yeast: WLP 820 Oktoberfest/Marzen (4 pint starter)

Original Gravity: 1.077The original gravity was well above the predicted. The boil was longer than expected, as the laudering continued to nearly 8.5 gallons. The total boil time was nearly 80m.

Fermentation:Pitched yeast on 13 August.  The fermentation temperature is set at 53 degrees, but will increase as the wort heats up. I expect primary fermentation to take about three weeks.