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Brewing date: 27 May, 2013

This is an I.P.A. that relies on First Wort (FW) and All-Late hopping for its bitterness. Boil-over hops were added to the Lauder tun just prior to vorlauf. The remainder were added as flavor or aroma hops. This technique is designed to reduce the harshness that comes from kettle hops.

Target SpG,: 1.060  Target Bitterness: 45


75% Pale Ale malt; 10% Wheat malt; 8% Crystal 10L malt; 4% Aromatic malt; 3% Flaked barley.

Mash style: Step Infusion

Mash in Pale Ale & Wheat malts @ 131 deg. for 20 m. Infuse to 149 deg. for 70 m until complete saccharification. Added specialty malts & barley. Step to 170 for 10 m


Willamette: 0.25 oz. to Lauder tun. Willamette: 1 oz. 25 m. Willamette:: 0.5 oz. 20.  m. Willamette:  1 oz. 10 m. Cascade: 0.25 oz. 5m. Cascade: 1 oz. 0 m.

Yeast: WLP 007 Dry English Ale (2 pint starter)

O.G. 1.062


Chilled to 65 deg. in primary. The beer dropped bright and was racked to secondary on 2 June: SpG. 1.024.


In secondary at 50 deg. for 3 weeks. Bottled on Sunday, 23 June. Carbonation levels were medium (2/3 cup of corn sugar). 52 bottles total.

The final product is extremely clear and hits the minimum India Pale standards with an alcohol (volume) of 5.o. The FW and late hopping gives it a very mild bitterness and plenty of flavor and aroma.