Brewing Date: 24 June, 2012.

This came out slightly above the traditional “doppelbock” characteristics, with an original gravity of 1.083. I used the traditional Munich malt as the dominant base malt, with Chocolate and Roast malt to complexify the flavors.

 Totals: 5.5 gallon closed fermentation


65% Dark Munich malt; 10% Two-row malt; 9% Crystal 60 L malt; 6% Wheat malt; 4% Chocolate malt; 3% Roast malt; 3% Flaked barley

Mash Style: Hochkurz Double Decoction

Dough In: 131 degrees. Step to 144 degrees. Pull decoction & step to 154 for 15m, then boil for 10m. Remix to 154 degrees. Pull thin decoction to boil. Remix to mash out at 168 degrees.


Halltertau 0.25 oz., 75m; Hallertau 0.25 oz., 60m; Hallertau 0.25 oz., 45m; Saaz 0.25 oz., 20m; Hallertau 0.25 oz., 12m; Saaz 0.5 oz., 10m; Saaz 0.25 oz., knock out.

Yeast: White Labs WLP 833 German Bock

O.G.: 1.083