Elven Amber Orc Lager



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This first brew of 2015 continues the development of an amber lager that is distinctive, mellow, and offers an alternative to the loud and sometimes arrogant   IPA’s of late. For this expression, I’ve moved away from the European yeast and simplified the grain bill to focus on a more American style. It will also be the first run that will be kegged rather than bottled. thx…

Amber Orc targets — Infusion Mash: rests @ 131, 152, 168—SpG:1.065 — Bitterness: 50 — GU:BU: 0.77

Grain Bill—–

60% Two row barley; 15%Wheat; 10% Briess Crystal 60L; 9% Cane sugar; 3% Chocolate Wheat; 3% Flaked barley.


White Labs California Lager WLP840


US Magnum (12.3 %AA): 0.25 FWH; 0.5 (60m)

Willamette (4.7 %AA): 0.5 (30m); 0.5 (10m); 1.0 (5m); 1.0 (strike).

Citra ( ): Dry hop


O.G. 1.067. Currently in first fermentation.


The Hydrilla Harvester

Blades as big as knowing hands
Cut below the surface,
To convey soggy brush assumptions
From distraction to muck under umbrellaed summer sun.

Innocence, there is, in a fishtank home,
Where hydrilla is a safe retreat for guppies, exhibitions for swordtails,
Flames in a submerged wildfire of preconceptions,
Choking the math labs of bass, periodic tables of crayfish, bluegill essays.

To Antisthenes, the beauty of learning
Was in unlearning what was untrue.
Nuisances must be trimmed from deep below,
Dragged up the conveyor
To bake in blazing sun.

Samhain Lager


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Brewing date: 11 August, 2013

This is an expression of an Oktoberfest lager that relies on First Wort (FW) and All-Late hopping for its bitterness. Dark grains and Hallertau hops were added to the last decoction. The remainder were added as flavor or aroma hops. This decoction method is known as the Hochkutrz double decoction mash.

Target SpG,: 1.060  Target Bitterness: 25


40% Pilsner malt; 40% Two-row malt;20% Munich Dark malt;20% Vienna malt;8% Crystal 10L malt; 8% Caramunich malt;4% Flaked barley

Mash style: Hochkrutz Double Decoction Mash

Mash in light malts @ 80 deg. for 20 m. Infuse to 131 deg. for 15m. Pull 13% thick mash for decoction. Raise decoction to 152 degrees over 20m, then raise to boil for 10m. Added specialty malts to base mash. Remix decoction 1 to raise base mash to 154 degrees for 45m.Add first wort Hallertaur hops. Pull 33% thin mash for mash-out. Boil for 10m


Hallertau whole: 0.6 oz. to mash out; Liberty: 0.25 oz. boil-over; Hallertau whole: 0.6 oz. 30 m; Liberty:  0.25 oz. 20 m; Hallertau whole: 0.5 oz. 5m; Liberty: 0.5 oz. 0 m; Hallertau whole: 1.0 0m

Yeast: WLP 820 Oktoberfest/Marzen (4 pint starter)

Original Gravity: 1.077The original gravity was well above the predicted. The boil was longer than expected, as the laudering continued to nearly 8.5 gallons. The total boil time was nearly 80m.

Fermentation:Pitched yeast on 13 August.  The fermentation temperature is set at 53 degrees, but will increase as the wort heats up. I expect primary fermentation to take about three weeks.

Shady Orc I.P.A.


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Brewing date: 27 May, 2013

This is an I.P.A. that relies on First Wort (FW) and All-Late hopping for its bitterness. Boil-over hops were added to the Lauder tun just prior to vorlauf. The remainder were added as flavor or aroma hops. This technique is designed to reduce the harshness that comes from kettle hops.

Target SpG,: 1.060  Target Bitterness: 45


75% Pale Ale malt; 10% Wheat malt; 8% Crystal 10L malt; 4% Aromatic malt; 3% Flaked barley.

Mash style: Step Infusion

Mash in Pale Ale & Wheat malts @ 131 deg. for 20 m. Infuse to 149 deg. for 70 m until complete saccharification. Added specialty malts & barley. Step to 170 for 10 m


Willamette: 0.25 oz. to Lauder tun. Willamette: 1 oz. 25 m. Willamette:: 0.5 oz. 20.  m. Willamette:  1 oz. 10 m. Cascade: 0.25 oz. 5m. Cascade: 1 oz. 0 m.

Yeast: WLP 007 Dry English Ale (2 pint starter)

O.G. 1.062


Chilled to 65 deg. in primary. The beer dropped bright and was racked to secondary on 2 June: SpG. 1.024.


In secondary at 50 deg. for 3 weeks. Bottled on Sunday, 23 June. Carbonation levels were medium (2/3 cup of corn sugar). 52 bottles total.

The final product is extremely clear and hits the minimum India Pale standards with an alcohol (volume) of 5.o. The FW and late hopping gives it a very mild bitterness and plenty of flavor and aroma.


Wry Wheat Ale


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Brewing date: 20 May, 2013

This is an American Wheat style with all-late hopping.


63% Wheat malt; 25% Two-row malt; 9% Flaked rye; 3% Flaked barley

Mash style: Hochkurz Double Decoction

Mash in @ 80 deg. for 20 m. Infuse to 113 deg. for 10 m. Infuse to 145 deg.. Pull thick mash & slow step to 152 over 20m, then on to 10m boil. Remix to 152 until full saccharification. Pull thin mash & boil for 10 m. Remix to 168 deg.


Cascade: 0.25 oz. Boil-over; Cascade: 1 oz. 20 m; Cascade: 0.5 oz. 5 m; Cascade: 0.25 oz. 0 m.

Yeast: WLP 320 American Hefeweizen (2 pint starter)

O.G. 1.05


Chilled to 65 deg. in primary. The beer dropped bright and was racked to secondary on 1 June: SpG. 1.019. Added the zest of two lemons in the secondary.

Bottled on Sunday, 16 June. Primed with a heaping 2/3 cup corn sugar.

Final Tally:

F.G. of 1.014; 58 bottles.Alcohol 4.2 % Vol.


Dunkel Bock, “Shadows”


Brewing Date: 24 June, 2012.

This came out slightly above the traditional “doppelbock” characteristics, with an original gravity of 1.083. I used the traditional Munich malt as the dominant base malt, with Chocolate and Roast malt to complexify the flavors.

 Totals: 5.5 gallon closed fermentation


65% Dark Munich malt; 10% Two-row malt; 9% Crystal 60 L malt; 6% Wheat malt; 4% Chocolate malt; 3% Roast malt; 3% Flaked barley

Mash Style: Hochkurz Double Decoction

Dough In: 131 degrees. Step to 144 degrees. Pull decoction & step to 154 for 15m, then boil for 10m. Remix to 154 degrees. Pull thin decoction to boil. Remix to mash out at 168 degrees.


Halltertau 0.25 oz., 75m; Hallertau 0.25 oz., 60m; Hallertau 0.25 oz., 45m; Saaz 0.25 oz., 20m; Hallertau 0.25 oz., 12m; Saaz 0.5 oz., 10m; Saaz 0.25 oz., knock out.

Yeast: White Labs WLP 833 German Bock

O.G.: 1.083


Norway’s minister of foreign affairs on the value of Breivik’s open trial


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Norway’s minister of foreign affairs on the value of Breivik’s open trial

Jonas Gahr Store, the Norwegian minister of foreign affairs shares his thoughts on the value of open democracy as a response to extremism from both the Left and the Right.

The last decade has shown us that ideology can never fully explain why specific groups or individuals commit unimaginable acts. Social, psychological and individual factors always play crucial roles. Yet political extremism does not grow in a vacuum. Ideas are the oxygen that allows it to flourish and spread. Extremist perspectives win sympathy and recruits because they offer narratives that claim to identify deep injustices and enemies.

Without this fuel, the blaze of extremism is quickly extinguished. Al Qaeda networks were nourished by the ideas of Islamic fundamentalists just as Breivik invoked and may have drawn sustenance from the ideas and stories of other Western extremists.

In the light of horrific acts and harping campaigns, it’s worth remembering that extremists are not born, but taught.

Open debate is our strongest tool in standing up to extremism. The far more dangerous avenue is to force extremist ideas underground, where they can fester without competition.

Summer Sparkler – Bavarian Weizen, May 2012


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Bottle label for Bavarian WeizenBasic Info:

  • 5.5 gal. batch
  • 11 gal mash and sparge

Grain Bill:

25% Two-row; 9% Rye; 63% Wheat; 3% Flaked Barley

Yeast:  White Labs, WLP351 Bavarian Weizen


Hallertau- 0.25 oz boil-over (75m); Hallertau – 0.25 oz (60m); Hallertau – 0.5 oz (15m); Saaz – 0.5 oz (10m); Saaz – 0.5 (5m); Hallertau – 0.5 (5m); Saaz – 0.5 (knock-out)

Mash: Hochkurz Single Decoction

Mash in 131 deg. for 20m. Step to 131 deg. for 15m. Pull decoction – slow rise to 154 deg. (20m), then 10m boil. Remix to 152 deg.  for 45m. Step to 170 deg. mash out

O.G. 1.065 (whoa)

F.G 1.012

Alc./Vol: 7.3%